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Contact material:Silicone/PET

Main Functions:Assistive eguipment for inducing physiological pleasure.

Whether to use electricity:No electricity

Safety level:Food grade raw materials, no allergens

Product Matching Suggestions:Recommended for use with lubricants

Precautions:If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it

Serial Number Wholesalers Rebates
1 1 100%
2-19 2-19 95%
20-49 20-49 90%
50-99 50-99 80%
100-299 100-299 70%
≥300 Negotiated price

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height 165cm Foot Length 21cm
Bust 80cm Vagina Depth 17cm
upper chest circumference 80cm Anal Depth 17cm
lower chest circumference 57cm Oral Depth 12cm
Waist 50cm Net Weight 35KG
Hip 81cm Gross Weight 38KG
Leg Length 84cm cmPackage Size 153*40*28



2、scene description:

Introducing our newest collection: full body silicone sex dolls designed specifically for men who crave an immersive experience with big juicy breasts!
Constructed from premium-grade silicone material, these dolls boast lifelike skin tones in tan color, adding an authentic touch to any setting. Their natural-looking breasts jiggle invitingly, providing added realism and sensation during playtime.
The true-to-life scale ensures that every detail has been carefully crafted for maximum pleasure. Let your hands roam over the supple curves of these voluptuous beauties, igniting passion within minutes. Immerse yourself in fantasy role-play scenarios, where anything goes.
These dolls are ideal companions for both solo use or partnered play. For solo experiences, allow the doll to transport you to an entirely new realm of pleasure. In moments of intimacy with your significant other, explore every curve together and watch your bond grow stronger with every encounter. Your lover might even say, "Wow, this is something we should definitely try more often!"
Beyond pure enjoyment, these dolls offer numerous health benefits including improved circulation, decreased stress, and muscle toning. Plus, the easy maintenance makes cleaning a breeze.
Choose from our range of options to find your perfect match, whether it be a busty blonde bombshell or sultry brunette vixen. Our dolls come complete with a matching set of lingerie to accentuate their already stunning features. Invest in a full-body silicone sex doll today for a truly unforgettable experience.


3、Place of shipment:

U.S. West Coast

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