Guidelines for Buying Sex Dolls - Which Features Are Worth Choosing?

Guidelines for Buying Sex Dolls - Which Features Are Worth Choosing?

Choosing a sex doll involves several factors. As you navigate through the options available, this guide will assist you in selecting the most important features that suit your preferences.

Material Options:
* Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is popular due to its similarity to human skin, but silicone looks more realistic and lasts longer. Some manufacturers now use softer silicones, but these may not last as long.

* Standing Feature: Choose standing options if you plan to place your doll on the floor, but avoid them if you prefer foot fetishism as this requires screws through the feet.

* Breast Firmness: Hollow breasts paired with soft skin tend to be more popular, with solid breasts being sturdier. Avoid gel breasts as they are prone to damage during transportation.

Optional Upgrades:

* Heating function is recommended for colder climates but not essential, especially with heating blankets available.

* Voice boxes allow for scene dialogue or moans, which can be placed inside or near your doll.

* Shoulder movements add realism, but can complicate certain poses.

* Oral upgrades such as tongue inserts may look great but are not suitable for actual use.

* Vein implants are visually appealing, but not practical for regular use.

Ultimately, purchase decisions depend on your personal tastes and intended use. Consider where and how you plan to keep and utilize your doll, then choose accordingly. For additional guidance, consult official manufacturers.



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