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Experience Unmatched Pleasure: 360 Degree Rotating Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator - The Perfect Male Sex Toy for Prostate Stimulation

Experience Unmatched Pleasure: 360 Degree Rotating Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator - The Perfect Male Sex Toy for Prostate Stimulation

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Contact material:Silicone/PET

Main Functions:Assistive eguipment for inducing physiological pleasure.

Whether to use electricity:With lithium battery, rechargeable

Safety level:Food grade raw materials, no allergens

Product Matching Suggestions:Recommended for use with lubricants

Precautions:If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it

Serial Number Wholesalers Rebates
1 1 100%
2-19 2-19 95%
20-49 20-49 90%
50-99 50-99 80%
100-299 100-299 70%
≥300 Negotiated price

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Sexually Suggestive: No

Origin: Mainland China

Obscene Picture: No

Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

Material: Silicone

Size: as picture

Model Number: Prostate Massage

Item Type: Vibrators

Type: G-Spot

Male Prostate Massage: Prostate Massager

material: Silicone

Prostate Stimulator: Butt Plug

anal vibrator: Anal Sex Toys

Vibrating Prostate Massager: Toys for Adults

Prostate Massager: Adult Products

Adult: Anal vibrator

vibration mode: 10 modes vibration

masturbator: adult sex products for sex

Type: Rotating Prostate Massager

【Product Information】
❤ Material: silicone
❤ Power: USB Rechargeable
❤ Size: As picture show

【Instructions for use:】
❤USB Charge Type:
1. Long press the power button to turn on and off.
2. Short press to change the mode
3. Charging time: About 2 hours before use
❤After use: clean with Warm water

USB type【Package list:】
1 x Vibrator
1 x Charging cable
1 x Remote controller


Experience Unmatched Pleasure: 360 Degree Rotating Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator - The Perfect Male Sex Toy for Prostate Stimulation"

Male: "Hey, have you ever thought about trying out some new sex toys to spice things up?"

Female: "Of course, we can explore some new toys to ignite our passion."

Male: "I came across a 360 degree rotating anal vibrator that's designed specifically for prostate stimulation and can help us achieve ultimate pleasure."

Female: "That sounds interesting, let's give it a try."

(After some time)

Male: "Wow, this anal vibrator is amazing. I'm experiencing an unprecedented orgasm."

Female: "Me too, babe. You're really sexy. The rotating function is really great. We can try different types of stimulation."

Male: "Yes, the rotating function can stimulate our sensitive areas and give us unparalleled pleasure."

(When alone)

Male: "Wow, this 360 degree rotating anal vibrator is really awesome! I'm experiencing an unprecedented orgasm."

(While traveling)

Male: "This 360 degree rotating anal vibrator is so convenient. I can enjoy prostate stimulation and pleasure anytime, anywhere."

Whether you're at home or on the go, our 360 degree rotating prostate massager anal vibrator is the perfect male sex toy for exploring new sensations and achieving ultimate pleasure. Give it a try and experience unparalleled prostate stimulation like never before!

Rotating vibrator:10 modes vibration+3 modes rotation 

Telescopic vibrator:10 Telescope vibration Modes

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ayana Schroeder

It's great, the quality is great, I haven't tested it in practice yet

Renee Kuphal

A funny thing, but you need more lubrication, although there is probably someone with what experience, you need to find a position and choose a vibration option, the rotation of the head does not seem to be felt.

Joaquin Wuckert

Large enough in diameter. At least for me😌But the regimes are good.

Tara Ziemann

It looks good, the material feels good, the size is of course, I don't understand those who are too small🤣.
I took it for pleasure, did not try it in business, as I will test the review!

Daniela Stroman

The item is very nice. We're satisfied

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