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Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women

Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women

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Contact material:Silicone/PET

Main Functions:Assistive eguipment for inducing physiological pleasure.

Whether to use electricity:With lithium battery, rechargeable

Safety level:Food grade raw materials, no allergens

Product Matching Suggestions:Recommended for use with lubricants

Precautions:If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it

Serial Number Wholesalers Rebates
1 1 100%
2-19 2-19 95%
20-49 20-49 90%
50-99 50-99 80%
100-299 100-299 70%
≥300 Negotiated price

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Sexually Suggestive: No

Origin: Mainland China

Obscene Picture: No

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Size: 4cm 5cm 6cm

Material: Liquid Silicone

Item Type: ANAL PLUG

Model Number: G88

scene description:

The Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women offers a wide range of high-quality adult plug toys designed for men and women. These toys are made from the finest materials and are perfect for use in a variety of settings, whether it's alone or with a partner.
The toys are easy to use and can be controlled using the included remote control, allowing for discreet use in any situation. They are also designed to provide a wide range of sensations, from gentle vibrations to intense pulsations, and are perfect for enhancing sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
In terms of benefits, the Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women offer a wide range of sensations, from gentle vibrations to intense pulsations. They are also designed to target the anus, providing intense pleasure and leading to powerful orgasms.
In terms of its selling points, the Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women stands out from other sex toys on the market with its cutting-edge technology and advanced features. They are also perfect for couples who want to enhance their sexual experiences and explore new ways to pleasure each other.
Overall, the Anus Sex Shop - Adult Plug Toys for Men and Women are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality sex toy that offers a wide range of sensations and is easy to use in a variety of settings.

A detailed description:

The red line is the diameter and the blue line is the length.

If you want a high level of comfort when you use it, this is the one.

Made from liquid silicone, it has a nice overall softness to improve wearing comfort.

Suitable for prolonged use

The overall streamlined design, coupled with the softness of the material, 8-10 hours of continuous wear is not a problem.

The direction of the base does not distinguish between front and rear

The design of the product is not strictly required to use the direction, you just need to choose the right direction according to the actual feeling.

The shape of the horse design

So you can ride your pony every day and go wherever you want.

Softness: 2 level

Level 1: Male Masturbation Soft Gel
Level 2: Liquid silicone, PVC
Level 3: Silicone
Level 4: Metal, Glass

3 sizes to choose from

Catering for different levels of player choice, there is always a size for you.

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Susie Blick

Far too soft to do anything. it's like jello.

Jacklyn Lang


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